Buyer Information

Buyer Information

We make a selection of buyers to meet our criteria of sellers and they are targeted from both National and International. Only for those buyers who are committed to develop the markets and bring the business to East Java are invited to participate in the event.

National / Domestic Buyers:

  • Wholesalers, Local Agents and Local Inbound, Tour Operators (must be ASITA member/non East Java)
  • Registration fee: Rp. 500.000,- (five hundred thousand rupiah) and the final payment on February 28, 2020
  • Bank account for buyer domestic payment: BCA 1010 739 825 Wahyu PujiKristanto.

International Buyers :

  • Overseas Tour Operator (Asean, Asia, Australia and Europe)

Who Is Eligible:

  • Travel wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Agents
  • Other tourism-related establishments dealing in outbound travel, or promoting tourist traffic to, among and within the East Java region

Entitlements :

  • 1 x buyer badge for entry to exhibition hall and all MTF Travex official events
  • Complimentary hotel accommodation for 03 nights in Surabaya
  • Access to all MTF Travex official events, including hosted events for buyers and media only
  • Complimentary airport transfers and local coach transfer from official hotels to exhibition venue
  • Complimentary post-event tours
  • Complimentary hotel accommodation for 03 nights

View Delegate Entitlement details here :

  1. Every Buyer is only represented by 1 (one) person representing envoy 1 (one) Travel Bureau Agency.
  2. Buyer’s facilities: Transport from Surabaya to the location of activities, accommodation, Signs Participants, Eat/Drink, Tour Programs/Fam Trip, Goody bag, Etc.
  3. Buyer must send copy of ticket to Surabaya
  4. Buyer will get a confirmation after registration and send copy of ticket for guarantee.
  5. The organizing committee reserves the right to Approve/Cancel/Refuse registration.
  6. First Come First Serve.